Regional Resource Centres

MTP 4 puts special emphasis on enhancing an enterprise enabling environment in the regions of the Russian Federation. This project component concentrates on training institutions in regions that are expected to develop their economic growth over the medium term. The overall aim is to improve the knowledge and skills of people working in these institutions so that they could better contribute to enterprises’ regulatory environment in the region and thus support their growth.

In former project phases, five “Regional Resource Centres” (RRCs) were established in St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Stavropol, Penza and Tver. These centres help to promote human resources development and provide support in the set up of business networks that enhance economic development in the regions.

Within MTP 4, the planned activities for the set up of RRCs in the Russian Federation are intended to put emphasis on strengthening the performance capacities of RRCs as conveyors of information and training programmes for enterprises.

This components mainly addresses local and regional authorities, namely representatives from Regional Commissions and RRCs who will undergo training courses and study tours. MTP will contribute in the set up of four additional RRCs in the Russian Federation in Nizhni Novgorod, Samara, Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk.

MTP will contribute with the provision of equipment for the set up of the mentioned RRCs and training of a total of 28 participants consisting of senior managers from established and new RRCs, tutors from RRCs and local universities as well as consultants.