Management traineeships in the EU

MTP 4 provides four-, eight- and twelve-week training courses in companies all over Europe sponsored by the EU. 809 managers altogether,  460 of them from the Russian Federation, 197 from Ukraine, 117 from Uzbekistan and 35 from Azerbaijan, are invited to take part in this programme.


Senior managers

Middle managers

Junior managers

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Programme for top executives

Top executives can participate in 4-week training programmes organised in two EU countries. They will visit a number of selected companies and attend lectures on specific topics held by EU managers as well as training experts.

The four-week training programme is addressed to top executives aged between 35 and 55 with at least eight years of management experience.

Programme for junior and middle managers

Junior and middle managers can participate in eight- and twelve-week management training programmes in the EU consisting of a traineeship in an EU company and of several management seminars tailored to the needs of the participants.

MTP 4 participants will work on project assignments relating to implementing change projects in their own home company. During their traineeship in the EU, participants will gain insight into the use of modern management practices and methods and exchange experiences as well as expert knowledge with managers in host companies. MTP training courses consist of an introductory seminar, traineeships in an EU company, mid and end-terms seminars and additional seminars focusing on modern management topics. By the end of the traineeship, the participants will attend the prestigious Europa Seminar and receive an MTP certificate.

Local MTP

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MTP 4 also offers to a limited number of managers from Russia and Ukraine to participate in the “Local MTP” programme. The traineeships take place in branches of EU companies in these two countries.

Through the MTP programme, the participants will be offered the unique opportunity to improve their cross-cultural competencies, increase their knowledge about European business culture and get insight into human resources development practices in the EU. MTP will also support the participants in establishing new business relationships and build a strong network in Europe as well as with their peers participating in the programme.

Candidates interested in the eight-and twelve-week traineeship should be aged between 25 and 40. They must have at least three years of practical management experience. Further prerequisites for participation in MTP 4 are a good active knowledge of at least one EU language in speaking and writing, an ongoing employment as well as permanent residence and citizenship in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan or Azerbaijan.