How can EU companies benefit from MTP 4?

By receiving a trainee from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan or Azerbaijan, EU companies get the chance to build up new business relationships in these countries. Through the trainees' expertise, regional know-how and network of contacts they gain first-hand insight into relevant CIS markets. By means of their country-specific and expert knowledge the participants can contribute in establishing contacts with companies of interest in regions of the CIS.

Additional advantages for host companies:

  • Access to important market information
  • Exchange of knowledge and experiences
  • Acquisition of new customers, partners or suppliers
  • Overcoming of cultural and language barriers
  • Improvement of inter-cultural language and communication ability
  • Participating in an EU training development programme

Who can apply?

The programme is open to EU companies from all sectors and industries willing to receive a manager for traineeship from a sector or industry of interest

The EU company must have a registered office in the EU and be ready to provide qualified advisory management assistance to junior and senior managers undergoing traineeship in their company. This includes the provision of a work place and supervision of the traineeship by an employees appointed as a “mentor”.

Should you be interested to offer an internship or if you need further information on MTP, please contact your nearest MTP Office.

To get an overview of planned MTP training courses in the EU please have a look at our Calendar.