Enterprise development programme

The “Enterprise development programme” assists managers from 20 small and middle-sized enterprises each from Russia and Ukraine to improve the performance of the companies operating under changing economic environment.

The programme aims at highlighting the view that human capital is a valuable asset that can provide a competitive advantage. Managers participating in the company development programme will learn to understand their role for influencing a workforce mindset, competencies and behaviour. Besides, they get an insight into the importance of human resources in the enhancement of economic performance of enterprises.

Eligible companies should be in a growth phase or have a growth idea like expanding to new export markets, targeting new customers or being part of a particular sector of business with growth potential factors. Managers of these enterprises who have successfully attended MTP training in the EU will be a plus.

The programme includes a training needs assessment at enterprise and manager level and a formal training for the managers of the participating firms focusing mainly on the human resources development topic. Moreover the participating firms are being offered a course of in-company training days based on their specific needs in the field of management development. To complete the training of managers, a visit to a number of participating companies will be organised to give the participants the opportunity to be guided through the particularities of each companies’ environment and to discuss results achieved so far through the project.