Training Development Programme

In addition to the project components focusing on training of individual managers and on supporting companies’ performance, MTP 4 offers another programme that is designed to improve the quality of management training courses in Russia and Ukraine.

A total of 20 management training institutions in these two countries will have the chance to benefit from MTP 4.

The overall objective of the capacity building programme for training institutions is to enhance their management and to enable them to provide high-quality training courses for business customers. More specifically, the Training Development Programme will aim at (1) selecting and upgrading competences of local trainers on human resources management, (2) facilitating interventions by local consultants and trainers in local companies in both countries and, (3) providing assistance to the selected training institutes and consultants in organising seminars for disseminating the experience and methodologies developed.

Special attention will be paid to modern teaching and learning methods, marketing techniques, training needs analysis and development of consulting services to enterprises.